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1st CanSat Competition in Bremen, Germany

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"Contribute to increase youngsters awareness of the importance of space research, explorations and applications in modern society and economy." ESA's education program teaches teacher about these exciting subjects and offers many opportunities to get involved. One of their educational outreach projects is the annual CanSat competition. Currently 14 European countries are organizing Cansat Competitions.

It was not an easy decision for the jury to announce the three top teams, since each team presented an excellent mission concept. Spaceclub_berlin is the lucky winner and will be invited to attend ESA's CanSat competition 2015 in Portugal.

More to come check out the deadlines for 2015


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The first German CanSat Competition took place during the WorldSpaceWeek from 6 to 10th of October 2014 in Bremen, Germany. The following teams participated:


For further information, please visit ESA's space education platform.